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Ok, I lost Thing 3.  As far as I can tell, there is no post required for it.  I also keep losing this page I’m supposed to be posting my blog on.  Am I hopeless??

As for the questions to answer on Thing 4, here they are.  I have to cut and paste them, because I hate switching back and forth between windows and I do much better answering the questions than winging my answers.

  • What do you notice about the genre of blog writing in general?
  • Blog writng seems to be more formal than I had envisioned.  My cousin’s blog about her  baby is entertaining and folksy.  These edublogs are much more formal and academic.

  • (How) is blog reading different from other types of reading? How is it similar?
  • Blog reading has to be taken with a grain of salt, I fear, because I don’t know who is writing it or what their agenda is.  I loved the blog on no homework.  I also saw a huge advantage in assigning tri-level homework so you can engage more of your students in homework.  I learn new things every day.  Oh wait!  Is that the advantage of reading blogs?  That would be the similarity.  I get new ideas.

  • (How) is blog writing different from other types of writing? How is it similar?
  • When blog writing, you can express your own ideas and visions, organize your world the way you want it, and include or not include whatever you want.  You would need to site sources and not take credit for things that were not original.  (If you are being honest! )

  • How does commenting contribute to the writing and meaning-making?
  • Commenting gives a forum for expanding, adding, refuting, or disagreeing with blogs.  The writer has the means to grow the subject.

  • Is there a “blogging literacy?” How does blogging affect the way we read and write?
  • I think on an edublog there should be a level of literacy.  My inner Steinbeck would rather write stream of consciousness.

  • (How) can blogging facilitate learning?
  • Learning can be expanded and questioned.  New ideas and innovativeness are pluses.  Questioning and challenging are new skills for me with the internet.  I don’t normally read sources I don’t know and trust.  Blogging could be anyone.  Even me.




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